Build Something New Brick by Brick

Build Something New Brick by Brick

Schedule retaining wall installation or other brickwork construction in Greenville, NC

Brick is an attractive, cost-effective material for home exteriors and hardscaping features. If you need brickwork construction for your home or business in Greenville, NC, you can rely on Brocks Specialty Company, Inc. We can build brick walls, retaining walls, walkways and just about any other brickwork project.
Don't wait to start your residential or commercial project. Call 252-227-1262 to arrange for brickwork construction services. We'll discuss your brickwork needs, budget and ideal time frame for completion.

5 benefits of retaining walls

Considering installing a new retaining wall? Retaining walls are both functional and attractive features for your landscape. Homeowners in Greensville, NC benefit from them because:

  1. They control runoff and erosion issues
  2. They add dimensions to flat or boring landscapes
  3. They frame flowerbeds and trees nicely
  4. They eliminate the eyesore of huge dirt piles
  5. They increase the value of your property

What are you waiting for? A retaining wall is a great choice for homeowners in Greenville, NC who want their yard to look polished.